Wearable Sensors: The Future of Posture Correctors

wearable sensorsTraditional Posture Correctors

Long before the age of wearable sensors, people looked to technology to solve their postural problems. They made inventive use of the materials available and many people suffered through the constrictive and unnatural positions they were forced into. Luckily, the world of posture correction has moved on. Detailed knowledge of human anatomy has been complemented by new technologies to the point where the best posture correctors are tiny, unobtrusive, and very effective. Move over corsets, hello wearable sensors.

upright posture correctorWhat are Wearable Sensors?

Wearable sensors are small, hi tech devices that accurately (at least in some cases) plot a wearer’s posture. When the wearer slouches, they are given a reminder to straighten up either through an audible “buzz” or through vibrations. The best of them also record data about the wearer’s posture and activity which is analysed and displayed on devices like smartphones or tablets. The apps used to do this can be very motivating as they allow the user to set personal goals and even give rewards!

The Wearable Sensor Competition

This is a rapidly expanding market and manufacturers are starting to compete to fill the consumer need.

The current contenders are:

ProductImageCostAvailabilityReview comment
Lumo Liftlumo-lift 100px$79.99 usdAvailable

Buy here
5 star

Read review
Arkiarki fitness band$99 usdPre-orders only

Unique focus on walking posture.

Not reviewed yet
UpRightupright 100px$89 usdPre-orders only

(Potentially excellent)

Not reviewed yet
Pranaprana$90 usdPre-orders only

Unique focus on breathing patterns.
iPostureiposture 100px$75 usdAvailable3 star small

Review coming
Giraffe Friendgiraffe friend 100px$26 usdIn development(Concept only at this stage)

It’s important to point out there are only two wearable posture correctors currently on the market. The iPosture and Lumo Lift. The iPosture was first, but the Lumo Lift (and its earlier product the Lumo Back) are much more technologically advanced. The Lumo posture correctors work with their excellent software to provide comprehensive support. The other product to keep a close eye on is the UpRight which promises to meet the Lumo challenge head on – but – the product is not available until early in 2015 (as at August 2014).

Future Possibilities

As an example of where this emerging market is going, the iPosture (which launched first) is a relatively simple device that gives real time reminders not to slouch. Following on from this, the Lumo posture correctors boast state of the art sensors and dedicated software that hooks to your phone/tablet to give a much richer experience. The UpRight posture corrector will use even more sensors, and its own software, to give a very accurate programme of posture improvement. Revolution then evolution in action – watch this space!

Check Out the Lumo Lift

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