Prevention Better Than Cure? LUMOBack Reviewed in Detail

LumobackUpdate Jan 2015 – LumoBodyTech no longer promote the LumoBack. It has been superceded by their Lumo Lift product. Click here to shop for a Lumo Lift. Click here to read our review.

If you already suffer from back pain, you have probably wished that you had made some changes somewhere back in life – like following your mother’s advice to sit up straight and not to slouch. Good advice, but difficult to follow in many of our busy, but sedentary lifestyles. Luckily technology never sits still and a great example of this is the LumoBack from LumoBodyTech. The guys who created this very cool product caused a lot of excitement amongst people who needed to correct their posture. Our LUMOBack review looks at what makes this product so effective.

How does it work?

This clever little electronic device is worn on your waist either under or above your clothing, and transmits data about the angle of your pelvis and spine alignment to your iPhone, or other iOS device where a proprietary app interprets what you are doing. The postural data  is graphically show by a stick figure and changes from green (good) to orange (poor) as you adjust your position. To help you correct your posture in real time, the sensor on your back also vibrates when you move out of good postural alignment which reminds you to straighten up.


This sophisticated and high tech device surprisingly only costs $149.95(usd). But is it worth it? Let’s look at some of features in a little more depth.


This thing is small. Think the size of a couple of matchboxes placed end to end, but thinner (41mm high x 100 wide x 8mm thick). It’s mounted on a stretchy belt made of a durable and comfortable nylon.


Its lithium-polymer battery can last 5-7 days, depending on the usage and is usb rechargeable. It also has an internal memory that  hold 25-30 days of daily activity data.

LUMOBack Review Features

The Lumoback posture corrector is capable of some quite detailed analysis of your posture. When linked to your iOS device of choice it continually sends data on:

  • time spent on activities daily and over timelumoback app screenshot
  • steps taken
  • time sitting / standing
  • calories burned
  • sleep habits

It renders this data as a Postural Score and shows a little stick figure that ranges between happy and sad depending on your posture.

Android and Apple compatible

The good folks at LumoBodyTech have now (March 2014) released an android compatible app so that more people can use their product. Apple devices that are operating on iOS 6.0 versions and higher are fine. This includes iPhone 4S, the 5th generation iPod Touch, iPad mini and the new iPad.

Common reactions from users

This LUMOBack review shows a general consensus from users is that the device does what it claims and is a very useful posture corrector. Some people have found the vibrations from the sensor unit annoying in certain situations (slouched on the family couch is one such), but even then the users report that it does help train them into better postural habits.

The daily activity monitor also encourages the user to be more active, especially since it tracks the number of steps taken each day, and what percentage of it was spent standing, sitting, running and walking. Even the mood changes and sleep patterns are monitored are tracked.

Latest Updates (October 2013)

LumoBackTech are continually upgrading their product and the latest software upgrades have addressed several user requests such the ability to alter the vibration type and intensity as well as the ability to add a little bit of “slouch” acceptance if you are temporarily looking for some peace and quiet without taking it off.

The battery, sensor shape and antenna have been upgraded. Both the sensor unit (smaller and better shaped) and waist band (more breathable material) have been upgraded. The sensor case is now made of very high quality resins. The lithium polymer battery has also been improved to charge faster and now lasts for up to 7 days of continuous use on a single charge.

The Lumoback App has also been updated to Lumoback 3.0.11, which puts the posture and movement data in attractive Insight Tiles. You will be able to easily view your current activity and also see your daily, weekly and even monthly progress. It is now easier to navigate, you only have to swipe the LUMO app to the right side of your device so that the menu is revealed.

Update 25.09.14:  The new Lumo Lift is now the only product sold by LumoBodyTech. Its more sophisticated features have superceded the earlier Back.
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