iPosture Review – Does it Work?

iposture reviewOur iPosture Review

The iPosture is one of the first electronic posture correctors to come on the market (2008). In the life cycle of consumer electronics, six years is a very long time, but the reality is that until recently, the iPosture was one of a very small number of products in this niche. This iPosture review looks at whether it can still compete head to head with the latest offerings from companies such as LumoBodyTech and the new UpRight.

What is It?

The iPosture is a small electronic sensor that you wear on your upper body. It is designed to help you create, and maintain, a healthy posture. It works by sensing your posture and vibrates if you slouch or stoop. There is a single button that controls all the action and it is powered by a single CR2032 battery. The makers say that the battery lasts for approximately 3 weeks in normal usage.

iposture reviewSome Details

The iPosture is powered by a microchip that monitors stance several times every second. It warns the user by detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute. This delay function means that it doesn’t buzz every time the wearer bends over or moves. The built-in software filters false movements, which allows the iPosture to adapt to a variety of activities and body types. It can be worn clipped to the shirt or bra, as a necklace, or attached to the skin with special adhesive patches.

Operating the device is easy. Simply put it on and hold a good, comfortable posture that you wish to maintain, and click the central button. The iPosture vibrates once, acknowledging that it has been set. It can adapt to each person’s unique body type. The iPosture can be reset at any time to allow the user to fine tune their best personal stance, whether moving from a sitting to a standing position. You can pause the iPosture by pressing and holding the button for three seconds, or put it down to turn it off.

Can it Compare With the Lumo Lift?

In a word – no. The Lumo Lift is a whole generation newer and the tech has moved forward (read our full review here). With the Lumo Lift you get several major advantages. Not only does the Lift vibrate to remind you to straighten up, it also tracks your progress with its software package linked to your smartphone or tablet. It’s built-in algorithms can work out when you are sitting/standing/lying down without any input from the user. In contrast, the iPosture needs to be reset every time you change your position which can become annoying. There is no doubt that the Lumo Lift is a better product in every regard. However, the iPosture does work and if you can find it cheap enough, may be enough for some people. (Current retail $74.95 usd)

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