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Backs can be tricky things. We have certainly given ours some use and abuse over the years. The trouble is, time ticks on and the cost of this inattention as you probably know well, can be painful. In our attempts to find some relief, we went looking for solutions that could both help with the immediate discomfort and also provide long-term answers.

A complication for one of our team was being diagnosed with a condition called ankylosing spondylitis in their teens. This delightful (sic) form of arthritis creates a highly reactive state in the body where sensitivity to input from posture becomes extreme (amongst other issues). The up side is that they have become very knowledgeable about “postural lazinesses” that lead us all towards hurt and ways to avoid this.

authorWhen we went looking for solutions, we found that there were literally hundreds of products to choose from and we didn’t know where to start . . . and that is how Posture Corrector Reviews was born. We want this site to be the ultimate one stop shop for links to the best posture correcting products, ideas, and exercises.

Our core aim is to sort out the best products from among the dozens of ineffective and over hyped ones (and there are many!). We need your feedback and ideas to make the site truly useful so don’t be shy with your thoughts – all pages have opportunities for you to share your experiences.

Walk tall.


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