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upright posture deviceNew Ideas in Hi Tech Posture Correction – Meet the UpRight Posture Device

Things change fast in the tech world and this is as true in the world of posture correctors as anywhere else. Readers of our posts know that we really like the LUMO Lift product from LumoBodyTech. It has set the standard for electronic wearable posture correctors, but perhaps this is about to change. Enter the UpRight posture device. Like the Lumo Lift, the UpRight posture device is a small electronic sensor that the user wears. It provides real time feedback regarding posture (using a discreet vibrations). It also tracks your progress and helps you set goals using a software app and your smartphone / tablet. The creator and founder of UpRight, Oded Cohen, said that he invented the device because his mother suffered from poor posture and eventually back pain. He reviewed current solutions and was determined to create something better.

Some Early Observations

The Upright posture device is currently being finalised after a very successful crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. Its Israeli designers have captured the imaginations of backers through a combination of innovation with proven technology. If you want to put your name down for one of the first to roll off the production line go here. Current projected shipping date is March 2015, which is earlier than the first predictions.

Designed Use

UpRight does not claim to do absolutely everything as far as tracking all metrics about your day. It is carefully focused on its core task of back health. The proprietary software plots a training programme for you based on inputs such as your age, weight, and height. This training effect is one of its key features. Rather than users wearing it all the time, it is designed to be used only until the wearer has developed the necessary strength and muscle memory to keep a healthy posture naturally. We like this thinking!

State of the Art Sensors

Whereas the Lumo Lift attaches to your clothing, and uses accelerometers to determine your posture, the UpRight  goes a step further and has both an accelerometer and a stretch sensor working together through a clever computer algorithm. To achieve this level of sophistication, the inventors have developed a special adhesive system that gently attaches the posture device to your lower back (of course, the device can be removed at anytime). This skin contact is how the stretch sensor can determine if you are actually in a poor postural position. Together, the two sensor systems mean that the UpRight posture device is more accurate than the Lumo Lift – at least in theory!

In Theory?

upright posture correctorWe say this because at this stage the UpRight is not yet available for testing. We are excited about the concept offered and will run a full review as soon as we can source a unit – subscribe to our posts if you don’t want to miss it. This new posture correction device promises to set the standard for users looking for an answer to their back problems. While other manufacturers are working on similar products, the UpRight team bring some unique tech and fresh thinking to the market. Nice.

(The market leader at the moment is the excellent Lumo Lift. You can buy this directly from the manufacturer here. )


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