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Best Posture Correctors by Type @12/02/17

RankRatingNameImagePrice (usd)Latest
Lower Back Braces
15 star smallMueller Back BraceMueller$27ReviewBuy
25 starMaxar Work Beltmaxar back brace for work$45ReviewBuy
34 star smallDouble PullDouble Pull small$20ReviewBuy
Hi Tech Supports
15 starLUMO Liftlumo-lift-woman small$69ReviewBuy
2There are no other current products in this category that we recommend. However, there are two exciting products about to launch early 2015. We will keep you informed!
Chair Supports
15 starBackJoy Posture CorrectorBackJoy small$60ReviewBuy
24 starFellowes ProfessionalFellowes  small$36ReviewBuy
34 starDuro-Med Relax-a-BacDuro-Med small$16ReviewBuy
Women Specific
14 starCincher Women'sChincer Wome$39.95ReviewBuy
24 starEquifit LiteEquiFit small$50ReviewBuy

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Buy Posture Correctors

If you are looking to buy posture correctors that actually work, you have come to the right place. Many websites featuring posture correctors and back braces simply link to any products they can find. We do not. The products in the table above have proven records with customers.

How We Select Posture Correctors

Our first criteria is always, “would we use it ourselves?” That means that we have a careful look at the qualities that we look for ourselves when selecting a posture improving product. We have developed a four factor review process that is summarised as:

  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Price / Value

Effectiveness is exactly that – does the product work as claimed by the manufacturer? We have personal experience of many of the products, but if not, we carefully read the accumulated reviews of actual users. Trends become clear quickly when you do this.

Durability means whether (or not) the posture corrector will last in normal use. Some products are designed for hours of daily use and others are meant to only be used for short periods. We take this intended use into account when rating them. “Rip-off” type copies of other manufacturers’ designs often score poorly here.

Ease of Use rates how simple the posture corrector is to use. We ask questions such as, “can you put it on by yourself?”, “is it comfortable in use?”, “are there aspects that need maintenance?” .

Price / Value is the balance between the cost of the item (price) and what it can do for you (value). If you buy posture correctors that are expensive, they may still be good value if they work. On the other hand, a cheap product that doesn’t work is not even worth the small amount of money you invested.

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