Goodbye Fitbit – Hello Arki Fitness Band

The latest entrant in the expanding hi-tech posture correction field is the Arki fitness band designed by Zikto, a South Korean startup. As seems to be the trend these days, Zikto has gone the crowdfunding route through Kickstarter. The level of backing has been impressive with 822 supporters pledging $164,262 (their target was $100 000).


The Arki Fitness Band Point of Difference

Any interesting styling aside, the Arki’s main feature is that it works to correct the wearer’s walking posture. While market leaders like the Lumo Lift target users’ sitting and standing posture, the Arki is designed to give you actionable feedback about how you move.

Key Features of the Arki

Walking – as you walk, the device analyses your arm position and orientation and compares that to the frequency of arm swings. This anlaysis lets it create a “walking score” for you and the device can be set to warn you when your score is slipping.

Balance – the Arki compares your left to right balance and provides data and suggestions on how to correct any imbalances it finds.

Biometrics – information about the rhythm, frequency and arc of your arm swings is processed to give a wide range of actionable data about movement patterns and posture.

Fitness Tracker – the Arki also acts as a fully featured fitness tracker and gives all the usual metrics about steps taken, calories burned, and how active your day has been. Using this information, it plans suggested programmes of improvement for you.

The creators of the Arki fitness band, Zikto, have spent considerable time making sure their device is a fashion brand in itself. The styling team have moved the Arki away from a utilitarian fitness tracker and towards a fashionable accessory that can be comfortably worn anywhere. The PostureSorted team think that they have achieved this goal very nicely.

Timeline for Release

The Arki fitness band is only available for pre-order at this point. The cost is $99usd which is in line with other high tech wearable posture correctors.

arki fitness band

Some Cool Features

The Arki fitness band includes some very nice features that are sure to appeal to tech conscious users.

Hidden LED Display – users push the front of the case and the display shows.

5 Day Battery Life

6-Axis Motion Sensor

Biometric Authentication – you unlock the device simply by moving.

Smartphone App integration

With a likely ship date of April / May 2015, the Arki Fitness Band looks set to make some real noise in the wearable fitness tracker market. We look forward to doing a hands on review when we have access to a production example. Related posts that you might find interesting: Wearable Sensors – The Future of Posture Correctiors and Lumo Lift


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