Posture Bra Review – 5 Popular Options

We have had several requests to compare posture bras. In an earlier article called Posture Bra or Posture Corrector we made the point that there are usually better options for posture correction than a bra – however – they can be useful for some people so we have made up a shortlist of the best products. This article was last updated July 2018.

The table below compares the best posture bras commonly available available. Please keep in mind that there are a huge number of products called “posture bras”. As an example, a quick  Amazon search showed over 1000 different options (figure from July 2018)- the truth is that most of these are useless. The five below are the current market leaders for quality, function and value for money.

Posture Bras – Worth Trying

Posture braGlamorise Magiclift Bra
Pros -
> patented MagicLift no-wire design
> adjustable front closing hooks
> wide shoulder straps
> comfortable

Cons -
>seams can show if worn under light tops
>some claim it makes breasts look "pointy"

Popularity -
836 Amazon reviews
Average rating 3.5 stars
$49.95 usd

postural support braleonisa bra
Pros -
> soft-lined cups that prevent show-through
> 3 column, 2 row hook and eye adjustable straps
> very comfortable
>very supportive

Cons -
>cup sizing can be a little small
>high back and front can show under some tops

Popularity -
284 Amazon reviews
Average rating 3.5 stars
$35.95 usd
posture support braplaytex posture bra
Pros -
> great support
> great comfort
> cushion padded straps
> definitely encourages better posture

Cons -
>some users have found the front closure irritating

Popularity -
998 Amazon reviews
Average rating 4 stars
$36.00 usd
sports posture braIntelliskin sports bra
Pros -
> great for active people
> provides strong support
> comfortable

Cons -
>may not fit large chested women
>sizing is important
>can be difficult to get into for some

Popularity -
63 Amazon reviews
Average rating 3.5 stars
$78.63 usd
front closing postural braExquiste form bra
Pros -
> front closing
> soft fabric
> quality construction
> firm support

Cons -
>straps are non-adjustable
>sizing is important
>some claim it makes breasts look "pointy"

Popularity -
149 Amazon reviews
Average rating 4 stars
$23.95 usd

Like any piece of precisely fitting clothing, the comfort of a bra can vary widely based on the users build – no two bodies are identical! This means that there will always be some people who find a particular bra uncomfortable. We have tried to look past the “exceptions” when making these recommendations.

Our Criteria for Selecting The Best Bras

We always use a four factor rating scale when comparing products – effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and price/value. We do not link to a product unless it scores highly on all four factors, that would be a quick way for our readers to loose faith in our reviews!

When’s a Posture Bra Not a Posture Bra?

The easy answer is most of the time! We are not trying to be confusing here, but are simply stating the fact that most posture bra or not“posture bras” are simply a bra that the sellers are marketing differently. A good posture bra should provide support to the wearer’s upper back and chest. This means that both the design and construction needs to be carefully executed using quality materials. Several of the cheaper designs currently available are simply copies of better quality products but made poorly to save cost – avoid them.

The other issue with finding a posture bra is that several manufacturers call their offerings “posture bras” when they have no specific construction aimed to provide posture support!

What to Look for When Choosing a Posture Bra

If you want to look further than the bras listed above, there are some key features that any alternatives need to have to be even a little effective.

  • Closes at the front – front closure means the back construction of the bra can actually provide some support. The more closure hooks the better as each hook can take and spread some of the load.
  • Separated cups – if a bra squeezes both breasts together it is not a posture bra.
  • Crossover back design – the essence of a posture correcting bra is the crossover design of the back construction. To work properly, the back should also be high (sometimes called “racer cut”).

A Final Suggestion . . .

By themselves, posture bras are really only a short term solution to posture correction. However, they become much more useful if combined with other, effective measures.

We suggest getting a posture sensor to help train your postural awareness and strengthen weak muscles. The current best is the Lumo Lift. The Lift is a small electronic device that you wear on your top. It is attached using small clasps and can be nearly invisible if you wish. Very briefly, it gently vibrates when you slouch and trains your body to hold a healthy posture whether sitting or standing.  You can read our original review here or go directly to shop for one here.

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