Neck Tightness? The ARC Might Be What You Need!

neck tightnessNeck Tightness is a Common Complaint

Neck tightness, or neck tension is a problem that many people suffer from. It seems that it may be a symptom of the rising level of postural problems associated with our changing lifestyles – particularly those caused by long periods of sitting. One very common (and increasingly so) symptom, is that of forward head posture. The previous link takes you to a post we wrote about the topic, but as a quick summary, the further forward and out of alignment your head is, the greater the strain on your neck muscles. Add long periods of strain to poor posture, and you have created a situation that is almost guaranteed to lead to neck tightness and pain. Not good.

Enter the ARC Neck and Back tension Reliever

There are many devices available aimed at those with neck tightness, ( you can read our reviews of the popular DaVinci Trigger Point  and the Posture Pump 1000). The ARC is so new that you can’t actually buy it yet, but we are interested by both the simplicity of the device and the quality of the team who designed it (including a doctor of physical therapy and a mechanical engineer). The ARC is currently in a development phase, and is raising production funds through the crowdfunding Kickstarter website. Some features include:

  • Can be used when lying down, or when sitting
  • Fits almost all chairs
  • Completely portable
  • Simple, but hi-tech construction

Lying down:

You can use the ARC to relax tense neck muscles. Simply lie down, place the ARC under your neck and let your neck muscles relax.

neck tension









The ARC is designed to attach to your chair and will encourage a healthier spinal posture for sitting.

posture corrector sitting






Trying an ARC

You can pre-order your very own ARC through their Kickstarter webpage if you wish. We are keen to do a review when we have an example in our hands which looks like being in the next couple of months. Some unanswered questions for us include; how effective is it as a chair support? Will the pressure points be comfortable on your neck? Have they got the degree of “springiness” right? Time will tell, but in the meantime it is great to see new and innovative products entering the neck tightness market – choice is good!

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