Prana Yoga in a Wearable Device

Prana Yoga Deviceprana yoga device

The field of wearable posture correctors just keeps getting more competitive. Several new devices are due to launch in 2015 and it is refreshing to see that the Prana breath and posture device is taking a different approach to making you a better person.

The Prana takes its name from a well known form of yoga. Prana yoga (or more correctly, pranayama yoga) is called “breathing yoga” because it is based on the principle of breath control. The name Pranayama comes from the words “prana” (life force) and “yama” (control).

Pranayama yoga is a component of various styles  of yoga. Along with other critical items like “asana” (postures), Pranayama is a central part of how yoga helps participants to get in tune with their bodies.

There are already a small number of effective electronic posture correctors on the market. The current best in class is the Lumo Lift (read our review here). There is also the iPosture (simpler and less effective), and the new UpRight is due to launch early this year.

prana posture deviceWhat Does the Prana Device Do That is Different?

The Prana companies motto is “breathe better, sit better, live better”. Their posture correction device aims to help users do exactly that. The key point of difference of the prana yoga device is that it tracks your breathing as well as the degree of “slouch” of the wearer.

The manufacturers claim that their device measures breath patterns, including the link between posture and breathing, and also differentiates between diaphragmatic and chest breathing (this is a technical breakthrough) . They state that the proprietary algorithms make all this possible without bulky measurement devices.

How To Use The Prana Device

The small electronic device is worn on your waist (or at least close to your stomach). It’s features include:

  • Compact 1.25″ x 0.25″
  • 7 day battery life
  • Training mode with fun games to motivate users
  • Tracks 10 distinct breath / posture patterns
  • Tracks activity (e.g. steps)
  • Has a clinical mode for full breathing evaluation.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – pushes data to smartphones
  • iOs and Android software


Current projected availability is January / February 2015. You can visit the company website and sign up for pre-release information here. We will do a full review when we have an example in our hands. In the meantime, we believe the Prana looks very promising. If you need a posture corrector now, consider the excellent  Lumo Lift.


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