Wearable Posture Device – Another Kickstarter Project

PosturePulse wearable Posture DeviceAnother Wearable Posture Device

The PosturePulse is still in its development phase with the manufacturers going the crowd funding route to raise the money necessary to move into full scale production. With the emerging wearable posture device market still in its infancy, it is fascinating to see the directions that each new entrant takes. The PosturePulse team are headed by Crystal Butler who has a strong fashion background and is now combining that experience with some innovative tech.

Is PosturePulse Just Another LumoBack?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, the Pulse measures the angle of your lower back just like the LumoBack. It is also similar in that it vibrates quietly to remind you to lose your slouch and straighten up. Where it differs is that the designers have not tried to incorporate a tracking app. One of the key features of the LumoBack was that users could keep track of their posture (and activity) over time. (Another wearable posture device in the development stages, the UpRight, also goes down the tracking route.) The PosturePulse team state that they are trying to keep everything simple and focussed on their core business of posture correction. We like this philosophy, but wonder whether the consumers will want a bit more for their estimated $79 usd.

How Long Before it Hits the Market?

The chart below indicates that you can expect the first units to be available by the end of this year. However, a quick look at their kickstarter page shows that they are well short of their funding target and running out of time. They currently have $19 000 of the required $75 000 raised.

wearable posture device timeline


Our Verdict

We’ll keep this new wearable posture device on our radar, but unless the device performs significantly beyond its design specs, it may not be your best choice. For the current options in this market, have a look at a recent post of ours here. If you want to get in on the funding action with the Pulse, go here.


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