LumoBack Posture Improver

lumoback holding in handsUpdate: (November 2014) LumoBodyTech have shifted their product line this year. Currently, they are focusing on their Lumo Lift product which contains the very latest tech both in software and hardware. Visit Lumo Lift Website. Visit our latest review of Lumo Lift

The LumoBack from LumoBodyTech is a small high tech device that you wear on your waist. It acts as a posture improver by giving the wearer immediate feedback by vibrating if they start to move out of proper spine alignment. This consistent feedback helps them to correct their posture in real time. As a posture improver, it has no direct competition at this time.

The second main function of the LumoBack is that it sends data about your posture, movement patterns, and even sleep to any iOS device like an iPhone or ipad. The makers have recently also released an Android app so that even more people can take advantage of these advanced features. Read our full review.

Video of Posture Improver in Action

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