PostuRX Review

PostuRX Review or Not?

I’ll come straight out and say that we wouldn’t usually review a product like the PostuRX. Why? Because a quick glance at its form tells us that it is very unlikely to do any posture correction. However, a number of you have asked for our thoughts so here we go.

So What’s Wrong With the PostuRX?

posturx reviewsThe PostuRX is basically flawed in design. We think it is likely a cheap copy of something like the Duro-Med Posture Corrector (link to our review) which in itself, is not a good option for posture correction. As a PostuRX review this is going to be negative.


The basic principle behind “cross-over” type upper body posture correctors is that the construction pulls the wearer’s shoulders back. If you read PostureSorted regularly, you already know that holding your shoulders back is not a very effective way of improving posture – it actually should be a consequence of other, key changes, but you can read about that in other posts if interested. See below.


The next major problem is that, even if the basic design were effective in concept, it would only work if the materials used were up to the job. In the case of the PostuRX, this is not so. We need to be clear that we haven’t physically reviewed this product, but a careful, experienced look at the form of the construction tells us that it can’t work. The cross over on the back is too central – it needs to run wider on the shoulders. Without the necessary width, it will be impossible for the PostuRX to hold a wearer’s shoulders back.

There are Better Posture Corrector options

Luckily there are better options available if you are serious about improving your posture.

Some better product posts:

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We hope this PostuRX review saves you some disappointment!

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