Dura-Med Posture Corrector

Pros: When correctly adjusted, it does give good support to your upper back. The relatively thin material used means that it can be worn inconspicuously.
Cons: A significant number of users experience some scratching or irritation caused by the fabric used and the way the Velcro fasteners can rub on your skin. It is essential that you wear some item of clothing under it.

Dura-Med Posture CorrectorThe Duro-Med Posture Corrector  gets mixed reviews. Its  main problem is that the straps can become uncomfortable and irritate your skin. To be fair, most products of this type are more comfortable with a light undergarment of some sort.
The product comes in a range of sizes:

Small (30″-32″),
Medium (34″-36″)
Large (42″-44″)
Medium-Large (38″-40″)
X-Large XL (46″-48″)

One of the handy features is that it is machine washable (but be aware that a lot of washing will clog up the Velcro fasteners).

It is constructed with reinforced foam criss-cross bands for back support. This design helps correct posture and may reduce back strain.  Available in white, 80% cotton and 20% Lycra, and latex free. Asking price is around is around $18 usd.

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