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Medi-Dyne ProStretch

Calf Stretch Board

Medi-Dyne make a lot of customer self help devices aimed at the home user who wants to solve, or prevent, pain and injuries associated with sports. The calf stretch board featured in this review allows the user to stretch their calves in a controlled manner. It is aimed at anyone who needs to relieve tension in their calves including those suffering from the pain of planters factitious.

calf stretch board


How it Works

You simply place your feet in the holding platform and rock gently backwards. This maximizes the stretching motion providing a gradual, even stretch. The heel plate prevents your feet/foot from slipping. It also ensures proper foot alignment for most effective stretching.
The mid foot gap allows the ProStretch to also be used as an ankle strengthening device. One nice feature is the rubber strips which prevent the product from slipping.

You can buy one for around $50 usd on Amazon.  Check out more reviews on Amazon    Buy One

With over four hundred reviews that average 4.5 stars (out of 5), the general consensus is that this is a very effective product. You can also buy the same maker’s single foot model for a few dollar less if that suits you better.

Calf Stretch Board and Posture

As with all tight and inflexible muscle groups, tight calves tend to make your feet rotate outwards, which changes the alignment of your knees, and so your hip position and upwards through your body. You can quickly see that this will impact on your posture. Another side effect is that tight calves will cause you to walk unnaturally. Over time, this will likely lead to some lower back pain. The same holds true if you spend extended periods standing, the inflexibility will force your body to make adaptations that are damaging.

The video clip below, shows some basic stretches that will be helpful, but there is no doubt that a product such as the ProStretch can be a valuable tool in regaining calf flexibility.

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