Best Posture Corrector for Women

We are often asked what is the best posture corrector for women? This sounds like a simple question but there is actually quite a lot to consider before making a decision on what to do.

The following infographic clarifies, in simple terms, the decision making process.

posture corrector for women

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General Posture Improvement

The following four actions will make a huge difference to your posture. Even if you only do one of them, you will be making a positive postural improvement.

1. Learn Yoga

Yoga has a long association with improving posture. Ideally, you would join a local class with an experienced instructor but there are also some awesome online resources and programmes. Here are some examples on Amazon.

2. Invest in a Wearable Posture Sensor

There have been some exciting advances in wearable technology recently and the field of posture correctors is no exception. These small devices are worn and use sophisticated sensors and software to train you into a healthy posture. The current market leader is the Lumo Lift.

3. Exercise

There is no doubt that virtually any exercise is good for your health (including posture). The key is to do it! You are better to choose something you enjoy, for example dancing, as you will be more likely to keep up the good work. Talking a friend into exercising with you is always a good strategy too.

4. Reduce the Amount of Sitting You Do

It is a sad reality that most of us sit way too much – at work, travelling, and at home. The influence of screen based technology has created a culture of sitting.  Unfortunately, sitting is usually very bad for your posture (and health in general). You can read a post we wrote on this topic here, but in general terms, the less you sit, the healthier will be your posture.

Specific Posture Corrector for Women

Name a body part affected by posture and we can name a product aimed at “fixing” it – that doesn’t mean they all work.

Women have approximately the same muscular-skeletal set up as men so the solutions offered are usually the same with the obvious difference being upper body supports.

With that fact in mind, here are links to our currently recommended products in each category:

Posture Pump 1000
posture pump 1000
Upper Back
Equifit Lite
equifit shouldersback lite
Lower Back
Cincher Back Support
Cincher Women Front
Feet / Ankle
calf stretch board
Teeter Inversion Table
teeter inversion table
Lumo Lift
lumo lift review

Final Comment

So there you go, plenty of options that have been proven effective (there are literally hundreds of others that are not!!). We highly recommend that you try at least one of the “general advice” options. Also, if you suffer from persistent pain, you need to involve a health professional – your health is a precious thing and not worth taking chances on.

As always, please ask questions, or contribute your thoughts for others to learn from using the comments section below.


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