Best Calf Stretch Board Options

Tight calves are all too common and they effect both your movement and general posture. In this post we discuss three great calf stretch boards and what makes them so popular.

The Three Best Calf Stretch Boards

Option 1. Pro Stretch by Medidyne


calf stretcher











The Pro Stretch shown is designed to stretch one calf at a time. Medi-Dyne also make a double foot version which lets you stretch both calves at the same time. With 609 reviews on Amazon that average 4.5 stars, the Pro Stretch is a solid piece of equipment. The single version retails for $29.95usd.

Option 2 Slant Board, Adjustable Incline Calf Stretch by RiversEdge

best calf stretch board














The Slant Board achieves the same result as the Pro Stretch but does this in a different way. The model pictured has three options for the amount of slope provided. Some users like the way you can easily check whether both of your calves are equal in flexibility. A five star average on Amazon from over 100 reviews means that the product works. Price is $77usd.

Option 3  North American Healthcare Foot Rocker by North American Healthcare

fix tight calf muscles














The foot rocker is the number one product in this line-up of calf stretch boards. 947 customer reviews averaging 4 stars is a telling testimony. The $39usd price puts the Foot Rocker in between the Pro Stretch and Slant Board for cost.

How Do Calf Stretchers Work?

There’s no rocket science here – the user places their foot (or feet) on the board and uses their body weight to stretch the tight muscles and tendons of their calves.

You may well question why these stretch boards are necessary. On the face of it, you can simply place your foot on the ground and lean forward into a stretch. This is true, but the boards have two key advantages:

  1. The design of the stretchers mean that you can achieve a deeper, more complete stretch.
  2. The actual stretching is more controlled and precise.

calf stretching









If you have ever used the edge of a stair to help stretch your calf, you will be familiar with the extra range of stretch possible. Working on the floor is simply not as effective. These calf stretch boards not only replicate the deeper stretch but do so in a controlled way that allows users to improve their calf and ankle flexibility without the risk of injury.

Why We Chose These Models as Our Recommended Calf Stretch Boards

As with any effective piece of technology, there are usually multiple versions available in the market. Some of the companies involved will have put time, thinking, and money into their product development. Others will have simply copied someone else’s product and in the world we live in where price drives many people’s buying decisions, will often cut corners to maximise profit.

The three models that we have chosen are all original products that have been designed, tested, and proven to be effective and durable. The bottom line is that they work.

An earlier post we wrote on calf stretching – Fix Tight Calf Muscles – A Simple Tool.

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