Prana Wearable Starts Taking Pre-orders

Update: Please read the comment below. The Kickstarter campaign this post refers to did not succeed. The Prana team then launched a new campaign on Indiegogo which seems to have stalled . . . we will add any information as it comes to hand. Dave.

prana wearableYou may recall a post where we introduced the Prana wearable posture corrector (link to post here). It was only a concept at the time we discussed it and we were excited about the unique breathing tracking aspect of the device. It seems that the team at Prana Tech have been busy in the background and their new product has just launched its campaign on Kickstarter. Link to Kickstarter Campaign.

Kickstarter goal – like all crowdfunded campaigns, Prana Tech has a target to reach. In this case, they need $100 000 in pre-orders by May 1 (a 30 day campaign). The campaign has just gone live today and they already have 82 backers with total pledges of $8,339 usd.

There are still just over a 100 of the $99 packages left. (Retail will be $149). There plenty of other package options and while you do assume some risk by making a pre-order, you also get some awesome discounts and one-off accessories.

If you want a complete run down on the Prana wearable, you can head over to their website, but some of the highlights are:

  • Unique breathing coaching feature
  • Posture coaching
  • Works both sitting and standing
  • Has both active and passive training modes
  • Links to a sophisticated app
  • Makes training fun through game theory

It’s certainly a very interesting time with this latest crop of wearable posture correctors hitting the market. Competition is always good for consumers and when the products have unique features like the Prana wearable does, it can only be a good thing. We will watch the Prana campaign with a lot of interest. Dave

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