Lumo Lift Review Update 2015

So you are worried about your posture. Maybe you have some back pain. Maybe you have a lot of back pain! The question is, how do you grow a healthy posture and stop the pain cycle?
Well folks, the Lumo Lift may be just what you are looking for. This is our first Lumo Lift review since we originally got excited back in  July 2014 (read our original review here) or (go directly to shop for a Lumo Lift).

lumo lift reviewWhat’s New in This Lumo Lift Review

Before we jump straight to the new stuff, it is probably worth briefly recapping what the Lumo Lift is. Simply put, it is a small electronic device that you wear on your upper body. It measures a whole range of body metrics with its feature move being the ability to determine whether you are slouching – either sitting or standing. Using some clever proprietary software, it trains you into developing and maintaining a healthy posture.

Some Cool New Features (as at May 2015)

A year is a long time in the wearable electronics world and the good folks at LumoBodyTech who make the Lift have not been sitting still (no joke intended!). They have been steadily adding some cool new features and improving the existing ones. Some new highlights include:

Posture Alert — Posture Alert is a great way to help you maintain overall good posture throughout the day. When this feature is turned on, your Lumo Lift will give you 5 quick buzzes when you have been slouching for a selected period of time (anywhere between 1min and 30 min). This is a very clever feature as even the most disciplined of us slouch occasionally. By turning it on, you avoid any unnecessary nagging.

Coaching Sessions — Coaching sessions are timed periods for practicing good postural habits. When turned on, the Lumo Lift will give you immediate feedback (through gentle vibrations) whenever the sensor detects slouching. Coaching sessions are designed to be short and intensive. Over time you learn to hold the healthy posture without the reminders.

Updated list of currently compatible devices:

The software has been developed to include connectivity with the devices below. At this stage, the only platform missing is Android. Many diehard Android fans make do with using the sensor solely for its training functions. Even without access to the software, the Lift is still the best posture trainer currently available. (See our list of current competing products.)

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 plus;
iPod Touch (5th gen);
iPads (3rd/4th gen);
iPad Mini and iPad Air.
Windows 7 + PC’s (Requires use of our proprietary bluetooth dongle.)

Integration with My Fitness Pal

lumo reviewThe Lumo Lift can now work natively with the supper popular My Fitness Pal app. This free app tracks users’ diets and exercise levels to determine which foods and how much of each users should eat to reach their weight goals. Your Lumo Lift  syncs seamlessly with your MyFitnessPal account, and automatically adds your daily steps and calories-burned to your Exercise Diary.

Using Your Lumo Lift

How to Wear Your Lift

lumo lift reviewsNo Lumo Lift review would be complete without covering the basics about its use. Your Lift is designed to be worn on your upper body. Its sensors are optimised to work best in this position. The most popular option comes with two clasps that stick to the magnet on the sensor – a white one and a black one.

The clasps are designed to be a fashion accessory and the LumoBodyTech team have launched a whole range of optional designs that you can add to personalise your Lift. They range from very minimalist to suitable for a classy night out.

How the Lumo Lift Works

In brief, the Lumo Lift has three main functions:

  1. Tracks Your Posture & Activity
    including good posture hours, steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned.
  2. Coaches you to sit & stand tall
    by vibrating when you slouch while standing or sitting.
  3. Syncs the data wirelessly
    with iPhones, iPads, and iPods with Bluetooth 4.0 and Windows 7 or higher with Windows Dongle.

The video below shows a quick overview of some of these functions.

 Body Metrics That the Lumo Lift Measures

While the Lift does measure how many steps you take and how many calories you burn, its primary function is to strengthen your posture. These other metrics are simply a bonus (although if your connect it to the MyFitnessPal app, you can take advantage of these two features as a part of your overall health).

The main metric measured is how long that you spend in a strong, healthy posture each day.

What’s Possible With the Software?

lumo lift review screenshot

The software is actually very good. It provides personalized suggestions and feedback that help you achieve your posture goals.

Reminders through the day – you can choose to have regular reminders pushed to your connected device.

Amount of time with a healthy posture – the software measures time in, and time out, of good posture.

The ability to set custom postural goals – everyone starts at different points from a postural point of view and you can set your own goals that match your needs.

Actionable advice to improve – the software will give you practical, actionable posture correcting advice.

Coaching sessions – you can set it to short, intense “coaching sessions”

Monitoring sessions – likewise, you can tell it to monitor your posture and only correct you at set intervals.

Our Verdict

The bottom line is that at this point in time, the Lumo Lift is clearly the best electronic posture corrector available – period. There are certainly competitors working hard behind the scenes to take some of the quickly growing market for these posture correctors, but the Lift is the only quality device available right now. It  has a solid reputation with many satisfied customers worldwide, and is being actively developed by the makers. For the current $79.99 usd it is a bargain. If you want more information, don’t forget to read our earlier Lumo Lift review (here).You can see what customers at Amazon thought below:

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