Body Back Buddy Review

Body Back Buddy

Self Massage Made Easy

The Body Back Buddy is an interesting tool made by the Body Back Company based in the USA. This family run business specialises in products designed to let people massage their pain points without having to visit a professional therapist. Their founder, and designer of the Body Back Buddy, Paul Nash, was in training as a massage therapist when he realised that patients needed a way to apply direct pressure to tight, sore and knotted muscles. Over time, he came up with the design you see today in the Back Buddy.

Features of the Body Back Buddy

Can be used effectively over the entire body to treat aches, pains, and sore muscles

  • Alleviates pain and stress due to fibromyalgia and other chronic muscle conditions
  • Apply pressure to trigger points, and along the spine
  • Lightweight, strong construction
  • The 11 “therapy knobs” give users a lot of options for getting to hard to reach spots
  • The integrated handles make it easy to apply pressure in a controlled way

How to Use It

Reach the Body Back Buddy  over your shoulder, or around your side, to treat  areas of the back, neck and shoulders. To quote the makers, “hold it comfortably by the handles or the frame so that the therapy knob touches the affected muscle. Push away from your body with your lower or outside hand while guiding the therapy knob with the upper or inside hand”.  You can also use the Body Back Buddy to massage many other parts of the body such as your legs, arms, feet, chest and hips.  Place the therapy knob on the sore muscle (trigger point) and apply what you consider to be a comfortable amount of pressure. Only apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable with. Ten to thirty seconds is normally enough time to elicit a therapeutic response in the muscle according to the makers.

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