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Maxar Back Brace for Workback brace for work

The Maxar Back Brace for work is one of a range of products  aimed at people needing a back brace to support, or protect their back at work.

It is mainly designed to support and protect your lower back (lumbar support). The brace is constructed from a combination of mesh and elastic materials that users claim are very comfortable. The shoulder straps (suspenders) keep the Maxar back brace in position as the wearer moves around. You can remove them if you prefer.

As a Back Brace for Work, Is It Effective?

The short answer is yes. It does provide support to the lumbar region and is comfortable in use. In fact, the Maxar back brace for work may be ideal if you need mild to mid-level support. Many people looking for a back brace for work, just want a product that gives support while having to stand for prolonged periods. In these cases, the level of comfort is important.

However, if you are looking for a lumbar supporter to protect you from injury while doing heavy lifting, this may not be the ideal product as it is relatively light weight. There is a trade off of course, because the heavy duty back braces usually tend to be less comfortable.


  • The Maxar back brace for work is available in a range of sizes from SM to double XL. (See note in the “Cons” section.)
  • 4 or 6 strengthening stays to give support
  • 2 stretchable and adjustable  side panels to allow for a tight fit
  • detachable shoulder straps

Price around $40 usd. (There is a deluxe version that costs $65 usd.)

Note: The Maxar back brace for work range comes in two quality levels. The standard, which we have reviewed here, is well made and appears that it will be durable in real life use. The “Deluxe” uses slightly higher quality materials and if you are in the market for a back brace of this type, is also well worth a look.

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