McDavid Shoulder Posture Brace Reviewed

 shoulder posture braceA popular shoulder posture brace

The McDavid Light Shoulder Support is designed to stabilise shoulders that have been damaged. This popular shoulder posture brace is made from a stretchy latex free neoprene material that is relatively lightweight. It is reversible and can be used on either shoulder. The manufacturers make three sizes – small (30 -36″), medium (36 – 42″), and large (42 – 50″).

The Manufacturer, McDavid USA, claims that it decreases pain from pulls and strains. It has adjustable hook and loop closure straps which are designed to apply direct compression to your AC joint. (This is helpful if you have suffered a separation, or other major AC injury.) This particular shoulder posture brace’s light build makes it wearable for longer periods (some shoulder braces are much bulkier and heavier).

What the Reviews Say

The average Amazon review score (out of over 250 reviews) is 3.8 out of 5.

Some common positive comments include:

  • Good shoulder support, easy to put on and supports my separated shoulder when it is acting up.
  • When I have this on I feel a lot more confident and don’t really have to worry about my shoulder dislocating.
  • My 14 year old daughter had surgery on her shoulder so we were looking for something to give her some stability and support for when she plays soccer. We saw this and decided to take a chance on it, glad we did. The support is very adjustable with the velcro on the arm, shoulder and around the chest so she had no problem getting it to fit.
  • Fits snug but not too tight. The material is thin and flexible enough to use under most clothing without being obvious. I wore it under my clothes while at work on both my jobs and no one noticed.

Some common concerns include:

  • May need to be worn over a T-shirt to avoid rubbing.
  • If you have a major injury, this shoulder brace may be a bit lightweight.
  • You may need to add padding to get enough pressure downways on an AC injury.

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