Posture Brace for Women

Posture Brace for Women – We Discuss Some Popular Options

Perhaps you’ve had a painful back, or maybe you want to improve your posture to help self-confidence, either way, one of the options that you posture brace for womenhave is a posture brace for women. Before you jump into looking at current products, you need to be clear about your goals.

Why Are You Considering a Posture Brace?

1. Back pain

If your back hurts, life can be miserable so obviously people look for solutions. If this is the case, it is very important that you work out why you are suffering back pain.

Your back is a complex part of natural art and there are many possibilities for why it may hurt. In general terms, you may have an injury, a pre-existing condition, or pain caused by poor posture. To keep things simple, we will discuss the options you have from the perspective of using a posture brace for women targeted at the two main spinal regions.

Upper Back

The upper back includes your neck and shoulders. Two of the most popular posture correctors are :

Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace

cincher posture correctorLink to our full review

Link to other reviews of the Cincher



EquiFit ShouldersBack Lite

equifit posture corrector for women

Link to our full review

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Lower Back

The lower back is called your “lumbar” region and pain can often extend below the hips and even down your leg if the sciatic nerve is affected. The type of posture braces used here are somewhat different from those that work with your upper back. We discuss two common products which each have merits. ( Note: a posture brace for women is the same as a posture brace for men when solving lumbar pain.)

Mueller Lumbar Back Brace

Mueller Lower Back BraceLink to our full review

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BackJoy Posture Corrector

BackJoy Posture Corrector


Link to our full review

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2. Your appearance

There is no doubt that a healthy, confident posture contributes to self-confidence. In fact there is some fascinating research which explains the non-verbal cues and messages that your posture projects to the world.

Leonisa Back Support Control Tank

leonisa posture correctot

This popular posture corrector provides both back support and has a flattening and firming effect on your general posture. The Leonisa range is not designed to correct serious back problems but can be useful for a light level of back support. These are appearance, rather than medical products. Obviously, this range is a specific posture brace for women.

Link to reviews

3. To Prevent Future Back problems

The best product that we have reviewed for this purpose is the LUMO Lift. It is a small electronic device that you wear on your upper body. The Lift gives you a gentle buzz if you slouch. It also logs your posture over time and you can set yourself goals to achieve using the built in software. You can read our full review here.


There are good (and some great) products specifically made as a posture brace for women. There are also many that are ineffective. The products that we have discussed here are generally the best of their type. It is also important to point out that a healthy back relies on a combination of muscle tone and flexibility. The posture braces role is to help you achieve this, while maintaining proper alignment. You can read a post we wrote on that subject here. Please feel free to discuss this post and add your own suggestions.

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