Posture app? What is Available?

 Your Smartphone and a Posture App

They say that there is an app for everything, so we went looking to see what’s available for posture correction.

If you are in a hurry you can jump straight to our conclusion.

posture app

Android Posture Apps

Star ratingNumber of downloadsNumber of reviewsCost
posture app
Posture Screen Mobile
4.5 / 51000 - 5000261$25.38 usd
posture corrector app
Posture Corrector
3.0 / 51000 - 500027Free
posture app
Posture Checker Plus
4.0 / 5100 - 5001$6.26 usd
postural app
Posture Pro Mobile
2.0 / 5100 - 5002$1.20 usd
posture corrector app
Posture Check
2.0 / 5100 - 5002Free
posture app mobile
Posture Correction 101
1.7 / 550 - 1007Free
posture improver app
Posture Quick
1.0 / 550 - 1004$12.01 usd

The only one of these android posture apps that is proving effective is the Posture Screen Mobile. It is really aimed at medical professionals in the business of assessing and correcting patients posture. More details can be found at the creator’s website here.

If you want to try a simple posture app that is free, you could give Posture Corrector a whirl. It’s major function is to send you a postural reminder at intervals you set. You also receive some suggested exercises. Don’t expect too much though as the rating of 3 out of 5 probably tells what is in store.

iOS Posture Apps

Over in the world of Apple apps (iTunes) it is harder to find high ranking / effective posture apps. In fact, you may be better to try a third party service like AppShopper to sort out some decent options. Here’s a list we pulled up that contains several relevant apps – Link to AppShopper posture category.

posturezone appThe only iOS specific posture app that stood out as being useful is the PostureZone one. It has a decent amount of positive reviews and the functionality, and while simple, does give some basic useful information to a user.

Our Conclusion

The field of posture apps still has plenty of room for skilful developers to make their mark. The apps available are generally only average at this stage.

However, if you are a medical professional (or a careful amateur), the Posture Screen Mobile app is definitely the market leader right now. It’s $25 cost is not huge if you end up with a healthier posture. The rest of the posture apps, both Android and Apple are only of limited usefulness – buyer beware in most cases.

It is also worth pointing out that there are a couple of effective apps which are available to those who own one of the current electronic posture correctors – Lumo Lift (our favourite), and iPosture. The iPosture app is actually a collection of postural exercises and stretches. The Lumo Lift app is an integral part of their whole system and provides the user with statistics linked to their sensor and training programmes.

lumo lift app

Lumo Lift Screenshot

iposture app

iPosture Screenshot




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