Posture Bra or Posture Corrector?

What Actually is a Posture Bra?

posture braA posture bra is a specialist type of bra that is designed to help wearers reduce upper back and neck pain. Compared to a “normal” bra, a posture bra typically has reinforced straps that cross the wearer’s back and provide firm support. This picture shows a typical construction pattern. You can see the way the straps link both sides of the wearer’s body.

posture bra intelliskinThere are many manufacturers selling this type of bra. Some of the latest developments are moving towards more full coverage of the upper body. An example of this newer type is shown on the left. This particular one is made by Intelliskin and features a stretchy fabric that is also quite strong.


And . . . Do They Work?

This is the only question that really matters and the answer is  . . . not well. The problem is that posture bras are really only a reinforced “normal” bra. They certainly have more supportive straps and can be effective for larger chested women, but are not good at correcting posture. The manufacturers will claim any number of postural benefits. However, a basic knowledge of the factors that make up healthy posture will show that they fail on two main points.

posture correcting bra1. They rely on the idea that good posture comes from pulling your shoulders back.

This is a common misunderstanding that manufacturers promote to sell their products. The reality is that moving your shoulders back (as opposed to slumping forward) is only one part of healthy posture and is generally only properly achieved through good lumbar and head position. Simply pulling your shoulders back does not correct your posture. And, the design of current posture bras is not very effective at even performing this one component of your total posture.

2. They don’t provide any real “training” effect.

The best posture correctors work in one of two ways, they either support correct posture while you learn how to maintain it, or they train you into a healthy posture over time. One of the essentials of posture correction is that key muscle groups are strengthened and kept flexible. Posture bras are not effective at doing this.

The Verdict

If you just want a very supportive bra, a posture bra may be exactly what you need. However, if you are looking to either maintain or develop healthy posture they are not the answer. We suggest trying either a traditional women specific posture corrector such as the Cincher Back Brace, or Equifit Lite. Better yet, would be to invest in one of the latest hi-tech posture correctors such as the excellent Lumo Lift. You can see all our top recommended solutions here.

If you really do want to try a posture bra, we have a current post that compares the current market leaders.

Posture Bra Review – 5 Popular Options

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