Backtone Posture Corrector

backtone 4000The BackTone 4000

The Backtone is a very recent entry to the field of electronic posture correctors. It makers say that it is ideally used for short training periods so the user progressively learns to correct their own posture. If you slouch while wearing it, it emits a beep which stops as soon as you straighten up.

Some key features include:

◾a vibration option for use in noisy environments or where you don’t want o disturb others
◾a strapping system that is secure enough for moving around
◾the straps can now be adjusted for wider range of body shapes (3 sizes available)

Prices vary between $70 and $100 usd

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If you are interested in electronic posture correctors, you should also consider the excellent Lumo Lift which also gives you the option of tracking your posture over time by linking to your smartphone or tablet. Here is a link to our latest Lumo Lift review.


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