Best Upper Back Pain Solutions

Pain or dysfunction in the upper back is a problem for millions of people around the world. While there are many different reasons why your upper back hurts, one that is all too common is unhealthy posture. In fact, apart from injuries caused by accidents, posture will be a large part of your problem. This page is a link to posts we have written specifically around the best upper back pain solutions that we have either tested or researched. This stuff will help!

The Best Upper Back Pain Solutions . . .

. . .  always involve some form of posture correction. The fact is, that if you currently suffer from upper back pain, your posture will be compromised. Even if your pre-pain posture was healthy, your body will be trying to protect itself and minimise the pain and that means your posture needs work.

You need to realign your back (and head/neck/pelvis) before any lasting postural improvements can occur. Luckily, technology is always improving and current research in the posture correction field is stronger than it has ever been. The expanding back health market does also bring a lot of questionable products though, so customers have to do their homework.

Our Recommendations:

We only recommend a narrow range of products from the literally hundreds available. We have reviewed all the products/methods listed below and they represent the best in market in their fields.

Lumo Lift (men and women) – this small device attaches to the wearer’s upper body using a magnetic clasp. It vibrates gently when the wearer moves out of a healthy posture. Works while sitting, standing, and walking. (Note: There are other options about to hit the market, Upright, Ariki, and Prana, but the Lift is the only such product available right upper back pain solutions















Equifit Lite (women) – this upper back pain solution is consistently the top seller for women looking for physical support to improve their posture. The only other product that appears as effective is the Cincher.

equifit posture corrector for women

Foam roller (men and women) – you can read our top three shoot out results and make the choice that suits you. Personal use has proven to us that foam rolling is a very effective way to reduce upper back pain.

upper back roller









Neck pain – a very well known result of weak posture is neck pain. It is often a follow-on from a forward head posture (FHP) caused by excess sitting. The De Vinci tool is inexpensive and a great relief to many people. You can also read an article we wrote on FHP here.

DaVinci neck

Other posts that may be helpful are listed below.

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To overcome (or avoid) upper back pain, you will need to take a balanced approach. Your goal is to create a strong, flexible back that is properly aligned. The tools that are discussed above will definitely help with this, but there are no “magic bullets”. It took a long time, perhaps years, to create the posture that you have. It will take conscious effort over time to reverse it. The best upper back pain solutions combine posture, strengthening, stretching, and lifestyle changes.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line as we are happy to discuss your options if you have questions.