PostureNOW – Does it Work?

PostureNOWSee update below January 2015

The PostureNow was launched amid a lot of publicity as it featured on  ABC TV’s Shark Tank.

The “Sharks” did bite and many customers have given the PostureNow a chance. Link to episode summary (scroll down when on page).

PostureNOW Reviews Mixed

It would be fair to say that reviews are mixed. Most users appreciate the concept behind the product in that it gently reminds you to keep your shoulders back which straightens your back and corrects your posture. The manufacturers claim that this action means your core postural muscles strengthen over time.

The PostureNow is meant to be used as a trainer – you don’t wear it all day, but rather for short periods of time.

So, does the PostureNow deliver? Well, some users are very happy with the product and have achieved good results in pain reduction and posture correction. Others however, claim that it is difficult to put on, and adjust, and that the construction quality is poor.

The Verdict

(Update: January 2015  – this posture corrector shown on Shark Tank back in 2012 had some merit then but technology has moved on. The current crop of wearable posture correctors are easier to use, more practical, and simply better. The current best is the Lumo Lift from LumoBodyTech.)

Our view? It does present a somewhat unique approach to posture correction and agree with the idea of keeping supportive muscles strong. However, the negative points made above, suggest that a potential purchaser needs to carefully check the quality on receipt of the product. We advise that you also check whether the seller accepts returns if there are issues. Price $39.95 usd

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