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Pros: You don't get to be the market leading seller for nothing! This well built posture corrector (back brace) simply delivers on what it promises. It fits a wide range of body types and shapes and effectively gives extra support for the lumbar region of your back. The very reasonable cost no doubt contributes to the continuing sales. Highly recommended.
Cons: It seems that if your waist size is much past 48 inches, the brace may be too small for you. There are really no other weak points.

Mueller_back_braceThis very popular back brace from Mueller Sports Medicine is consistently the best selling lumbar support on the internet. It currently enjoys a 4 1/2 star rating and over 2500 reviews on Amazon. This product retails at around the $16usd mark and as such, represents very good value for money. Some of the key features are:

  • eight supportive steel springs conform to your back and provide firm lumbar support.
  • tapered cut provides a comfortable fit for men and women.
  • the main elastic band is 9″ (20cm) high and creates broad support. The second, outer elastic straps, are 4″ (10cm) high and allow for adjustable tension.

The sizing is meant to fit everyone, although there will always be acceptions at either end of the range.  The manufacturer states that it (stretched length) – fits waist sizes 28 – 50″ (71 – 127 cm). A careful look at the online reviews shows that this is probably accurate.

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