Latest Lumo lift Ship Date

lumo lift ship date

When Do I Get My Lift?

(If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you can check out our review of the Lumo Lift here.)

If you are one of the people who has pre-ordered a Lumo Lift, you are probably working hard to stay patient. We are exactly the same when waiting for any shiny new posture product to arrive. You’ve seen the promo materials, read the reviews, and now just want to try it out for yourself. To make things even tougher for those waiting the Lumo Lift, everyone’s order is a pre-order! We have all put our hard earned cash down with the good people at LumoBodyTech in faith that they will come through. Well folks, your wait is nearly over.

Lumo Lift Ship Date

The latest word direct from LumoBodyTech is that Lifts are shipping now! They have been replying to anxious buyers both on their FaceBook page and on their blog. Their timeline has been fairly loose since they started taking pre-orders (this is understandable as the Lift is a completely new product). However as time has passed they have started making some firm commitments. On July 27th,  Abhijit Minhas (a LumoBodyTech staffer) stated that they would begin shipping on the day the price increased to its normal retail of $99 usd. Pre-orders have been mainly sold at $79 usd. Well, the price went up as planned on the 28th July and they started shipping! This means the very first customers should have their Lifts now.


We will update this post as more information comes available regarding the lumo lift ship date. In the meantime, stay chilled as LumoBodyTech have a proven track record with their earlier Lumo Back product with many satisfied customers worldwide.

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