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Following on from a recent post we wrote about posture apps (link here) we were sent a heads-up regarding a current initiative that the Canadian Chiropractic Association have taken.

The Association have created their own posture app that is called Straighten Up Canada. It is available in both Apple and Android formats and the price is . . . free!

Given that chiropractors are some of the ultimate professionals in the world of back health, we thought you might be interested in what they have created.


There are four main parts to the app and they complement each other well.

Exercises – the first is a set of 12 simple exercises, which are backed up with videos and very clear descriptions. They are very easy to follow.

Tracking – users can monitor their progress and  set reminders for themselves.

Education – this section helps users learn more about back health through a “know your body” pain diagram. While simple, there is some very helpful information here.

Find a Chiro – it has  a chiropractor finding feature that lets you find your local experts (handy for Canadians).

Our Take

The Straighten Up Canada app is great tool that anyone can use to help improve their posture (and general back health). As long as you accept that it is not a diagnostic tool, but rather just excellent posture advice, you will not be disappointed. You can download the app free on Google Play here, or for Apple users at iTunes here.

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