Oppics Posture Glasses – Do They Work?

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The Oppics posture glasses reminded us that we have to keep an open mind about possible solutions to poor posture. For us, they represent the fact that many people are actively looking for solutions to the growing postural health problems caused by our current lifestyles.

What are Oppics Glasses?

Certainly not “hi-tech” we discovered on opening the box and pulling out the test sample the folks at Oppics sent us. Simply put, the product is a pair of sunglasses that has had part of the lenses made opaque so that you can’t see through it. The opaque section is at the top edge of the lenses.

 The Theory Behind Posture Glasses

The idea that these glasses is based on is very simple. If a wearer can see the opaque strip at the top of the lenses, it means that their head has tipped forward. If they then lift their chin upwards, the strip disappears from their view.

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The Reason Why We Are Skeptical

It is true that the opaque section of the posture glasses will force wearers to tip their heads up but, that does not translate automatically into a healthier posture.

One of the most common postural issues that we see is people with a forward head posture. This postural problem is becoming epidemic as more and more people spend hours daily sitting in front of screens. The Oppics glasses do nothing to correct this. Simply tipping the wearer’s head up means that they still have a forward head posture, but with their eyes looking straight ahead. It is a function of human physiology that we adapt to our environment in the easiest way possible. If our eyes are looking down, it is unlikely that we will straighten our spine to be able to see clearly. Much more likely is that we will just lift our chin.

Test This Yourself

You can decide for yourself using a very simple test. Put on a hat with a peak  and stand (or sit) in a posture that you know is less than optimal. Now, tip the hat slightly forward so that it blocks a little of your vision at the top. Without too much thought, tip your chin up so that you can see clearly – did this improve the rest of your posture?

Quality and Cost

It would be fair to say that the quality of the test glasses we received was only average. At $19.95 plus postage, you will have to be the judge of whether this is a good price for what will essentially be a pair of inexpensive sunglasses. The supplier, Oppics, does give a 10 day right of return for a “complete refund”. We are not sure whether this refund includes postage either / both way.

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