Posture Pump 1000 Reviewed

posture pumpWhat Does a Posture Pump Do for Neck Pain?

The basic idea is that a posture pump relieves pressure on the neck by forcing a curve in the cervical joints. Many people have lost the natural cervical curve that their neck requires to be healthy either through injury, or more likely, poor posture over time. The reason that these devices are called “posture pumps” is that they use a small inflatable bag to provide upwards pressure on the neck as you lie with the pump positioned in the middle of your neck.

As the inflatable bag fills with air, it opens up the spaces between your neck vertebrae which removes pressure on nerves and allows blood to flow to damaged tissue. In effect, you are decompressing the spine. Many chiropractors have commercial versions of posture pumps that clients use as part of their treatment programme. The issue here is cost and availability, which is why many people buy their own device for home use.

 A Closer Look at the Posture Pump 1000

posture pump 1000This USA built product is widely available and well known in the market as a product that can make a positive difference to neck health. The base structure is a tough, durable resin that provides support for the inflatable bag and includes a restraining brace for your head.

Once you are lying on it, you place the supplied head band on your forehead and chin (as pictured). When all is in place, you start to squeeze the rubber hand pump to inflate the small bag sitting against the middle of your neck. The instructions say to start off gently and build towards more pressure / longer time using it as your body adapts to the cervical curve. This is great advice, particularly if your neck is very tender or very stiff.

As an example of the posture pump products that you can currently buy, this one is both well made (see our note in the “cons” section) and reasonably priced.

 An Easy “Home Brew” Posture Option

While these purpose built posture pumps are effective, you can get some of the same “relief” for your sore neck by using your pillow in bed. Simply lie as usual, then reach behind your head and fold the top edge of your pillow under the middle of your neck. Relax back onto the “bump” and you should feel your neck pull and open up as it curves backwards. Many people find this very effective for temporary pain relief. Usually $75 – $85 usd.

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