Best Back Pain Symptom Checker

If you are looking for the best back pain symptom checker, you have a lot of choice. We discuss a new, simple, symptom checker below.

Best Back Pain Symptom Checker

Whether you are a long term sufferer of back pain, or your symptoms are more recent, you’ve probably wondered what is causing your misery, and, if you should worry.

You are not alone in this thinking and even Governments are keen to encourage people to find out what their symptoms mean. This makes sense when you consider the staggering loss of productivity caused by back pain. A recent study of over 29 000 working Americans found that 3.2% had time off work due to back pain in the fortnight studied. Back pain was the second most common reason for having time off work. This translates to an estimated 1.9 billion dollars lost. Add on the associated costs of medical treatment and the figure gets crazy.

Online Best Back Pain Symptom Checker

The New Zealand government has just launched a new website aimed at helping back pain sufferers take action to alleviate their pain. Don’t Turn Your Back On It is an initiative designed to help people take action rather than sitting at home suffering and wondering. There are three parts to the website:

About Back Pain

This section gives simple, but useful information about back pain including a brief description of back physiology. The interesting information here is the distinction that they draw between “mechanical” pain and “inflammatory” pain. Being able to tell the difference between the two types is vital in planning how to manage the problem.

Symptom Checker

This is the key part of the website and is aimed at helping you work our whether your pain in based on an inflammatory condition, or not. You simply answer 5 questions and the tool determines how likely it is that your pain is linked to inflammation as opposed to a mechanical issue.

Getting Help

The whole website is dedicated to encouraging users to take action as soon as possible when suffering from back pain. There is considerable evidence that the sooner you address the causes of pain, the smaller the long term impact on both your health and lost productivity. The ‘getting help’ section gives a useful summary of the type of information you will need to give your doctor.

In Summary

This website is a useful guide for those concerned about back pain. The advice is straightforward and common-sense. Well worth a look.

Link to the Don’t Turn Your Back on It¬†website.

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