Underworks Posture Perfect Band

underworks posture

Underworks Posture Perfect Band

This posture corrector is┬ádesigned to pull the wearer’s shoulders back using a simple strap system. The adjustment is done using hooks and eyelets to give the required tension on your shoulders.


The product is made of a mixture of nylon and “spandex” which has a degree of stretch and allows the posture corrector to stay adjusted as the wearer moves around.


The Underworks Posture Perfect Band can be worn under clothing and due to its slim design is quite discreet. It also has good adjustability through the hook system.

underworks postureWhat it is Not

The Underworks Posture Perfect Band is not suitable for any sort of injury support. It looks a little like a clavicle brace, but does not have the design or technology to do this job. With generally low review scores on websites such as Amazon, you can do better. See our Verdict comment below.


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