Women’s Cincher Back Support

cincher back supportCincher Back Support Explained

The Cincher Back Support is a posture corrector designed specifically for women. It provides firm support for the lower back and some support for the upper back. As is usual with this type of back supporter, you should not wear it constantly. The reason for this  is that it gives the support, that ideally, your core muscles would provide. However, it is effective in reducing pain and helping wearers correct their posture both while sitting and standing.

Construction and Features

It is cut to match the female form with wide elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements that add stability. The cincher back supportCincher emphasizes spinal alignment through compression to the abdomen and lower back.

Some key features are adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable front closures, and flexible spiral stays. It is available in three colours – Tan, Black, and White.

The sizing is based on your  upper hips measurement. (You need to take care with this as the item is usually non-returnable.)

User reviews are generally very positive with the only two complaints being about the need to wear a light top under it to avoid rubbing, and some users feeling that it is too bulky to wear under normal clothes. These are minority views. Cost is $40usd (Amazon) which seems fair given the quality of the item.

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