Simple Relief for Stiff Neck

So You have a Sore Neck?

This very common complaint affects many people on a daily basis. Sometimes it is due to an injury, but in many cases, it just seems to come on for no particular reason. Of course, there are many different causes – it could be muscle inflammation, pressure on a nerve, or referred pain from lower in the spine. All of these are possibilities, but if you are looking for relief for stiff necks, you will probably have to use a variety of methods. It is also highly likely that your search for relief will only be successful if you address the lifestyle and postural problems that are part of your daily life.

relief for stiff neckDaVinci Trigger Point Effective as Relief for Stiff Neck?

This review looks at the DaVinci Trigger point tool created by The DaVinci is a simple moulded product that can be used anywhere there is tension, muscle spasms or soreness. While we are mainly concentrating on its ability to help provide relief for stiff neck, the makers claim that it can be used anywhere on the body that is holding muscle tension.

relief for stiff neckHow it Works

The DaVinci Tool is designed to let you apply pressure to trigger points – specifically in the neck. A trigger point is a small, painful area that contributes to pain both at the site and in other parts of the body. Massage therapists are experts who can manipulate these spots and often provide significant relief immediately. Any rubbing, or pressure on a trigger point, can be effective. This is where the DaVinci comes in. You position the tool at the top of your neck and base of your skull. Then simply lie back and relax. The sustained pressure will allow the tension in your neck muscles to release.

Why This Area Often Hurts

One of the main reasons people get neck pain is because at the base of the skull there are a lot of little muscles which work hard to stabilize your neck (which supports your head). They often get over-stretched since most of us hold our heads forward instead of in line with our spines. Massage therapists can relieve this tension by placing the patient on their back, and then placing their fingers right at the intersection of the skull and spine and pushing up and slightly away which provides traction to the neck. If successful, the head, which starts out straight and up, will slowly relax into their palms. This is the type of pressure and traction that the DaVinci tool can replicate at home and provide relief for stiff neck. Usual price is around $19 usd which we believe makes it well worth trying. Buy It at Amazon

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