BackJoy Review – Yes You Can Sit Better

BackJoy Review – Our Take

We wrote this BackJoy review because we like the concept behind the product. It’s designed to let you move while sorting your posture. A very good thing! Read on . . .

backjoy review


The BackJoy is an interesting product in that it doesn’t constrain your back, but rather helps align your spine by repositioning how you sit. This approach has the immediate, positive effect of making you use your core back stabilising muscles to correct your posture. Some posture correctors can have the opposite effect and can lead to muscle weakness if used wrongly.

Most of us are familiar with orthotic inserts for shoes which help align the wearer’s feet. The BackJoy works on exactly the same principle, but for your posterior! When you sit on it, its carefully constructed shape means your pelvis tilts to a “neutral” position that aligns your spine. Because the BackJoy is not fixed to the chair, it can move which means your muscles are forced into action to reach correct posture.

Here’s the official BackJoy explanation video:

And here is some public comment:

Some BackJoy reviews have questioned whether something so simple can live up to the maker’s claims.

Our Take?

A definite “Yes”. We need to qualify that statement by pointing out that the user still has to do their bit. The BackJoy can’t actually stop you from slouching when you sit on it, but it can guide you to a better sitting posture. In a nutshell, it is much easier to hold correct posture with the BackJoy than without it.

How Does it Work?

The manufacturer has several versions of the BackJoy to choose from, but they all essentially work in the same way. You place the BackJoy on a chair/seat then sit on it. Simple. The carefully engineered shape means that you are naturally forced to sit in such a way that your pelvis aligns correctly and with that comes a relief of strain and tension in your upper and lower back.

Because the BackJoy is not attached to your chair, it is dynamic and reacts to the way your body moves, allowing your spine to sit in proper alignment – which will reduce stress induced pain. It’s three-part design tilts, cradles, and lifts your pelvis to attain better posture and a pain-free back.

Some Cautions from Other BackJoy Reviews

If you already have serious back pain, or an injury, the BackJoy will not “cure” you. But for prevention of postural related pain, and to help with an injury management programme, it seems very effective.

Users can still “slouch” if they choose, and based on this fact, some BackJoy reviews have suggested that it isn’t as effective as the manufacturer claims. We do not agree, as the very fact that you are using a product like this means that you are motivated to make a change in your posture. The BackJoy simply makes it a whole lot easier to make that change.

The only other caution that we have, is that the BackJoy is not as effective when placed on very soft surfaces (for example, a couch). The unstable surface lets the product sink in and it loses its carefully designed ergonomics.

A review of the responses from users, both positive and negative shows that the vast majority users find it an effective product for those who have to sit for long periods of time.

BackJoy Construction

The BackJoy is made from a strong, durable moulded resin, which feels like it will last very well over time. (Some of the less effective cushion type products lose their shape (and effectiveness) quite quickly.)
The base resin is covered with a soft, felt like layer to provide comfort to the user. Click on image to take a closer look.BackJoy Posture Corrector

Retail costs for the various models range from around $39 to $50 usd. A quality product at a fair price.

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